The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy

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At The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy, we’re committed to the idea that quality pharmacy care means more than just prompt prescriptions. To us, quality care means that you get the prescriptions and medications you need, along with the care and attention you deserve.

Our pharmacy is dedicated to the wellbeing of your family and the wellbeing of the community. That’s why we offer services such as immunizations, medication therapy management, multi-dose packaging, medication synchronization, important health screenings, and expert care. We strive to make it convenient for you and the people you care about to live a healthy life. Think of us as your community healthcare destination.

We are a mom and pop shop with over 40 years of combined experience in poison control and hospital pharmacy. We decided to go into community pharmacy because of our growing family. We are here to treat you like family and help with any healthcare needs.

The Pharmacy Team


Darren Lew, PharmD.

In 1997 I graduated from UCSF in San Francisco, California, with a PharmD degree in pharmacy. I have worked in a retail pharmacy setting since 1997 and have been with The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy since 2008. My advanced training includes being a Certified Specialist in Poison Information.


Shelley Lew, R.Ph.